help peugeot 406 automatic gearbox probs

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help peugeot 406 automatic gearbox probs

Post by xboxchipper » 27 Jun 2002, 01:24

have a peugeot 406 2 litre glx auto saloon s reg 1998
problem is that when car has been driven for half an hour, when you stop for more than 10 seconds at say traffic lights the gearbox takes itself out of drive and when you press the accelerator the drive "snaps" back into drive with a thud.
took it to peugeot dealer who charged me £130 for a multi switch and it still does the same.
when cold no problem for about half hour.
when you are driving no problem at all.
only problem as described above.
if i select snow mode no problem at all.
peugeot dealers dont know what the problem is .
they have driven the car and said its bad enough to damage the mountings and you really cant drive like that.
but they have no idea what is causing the problem.
they changed the multi switch because diagnostic machine showed the switch to be faulty.
anybody ever had this fault or know what the answer is?