309 Thingie

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309 Thingie

Post by Davewall » 25 Jun 2002, 21:50

I`m just fitting a S/H towbar to my old 309 (1.3 petrol)
Clipped onto the rear crossmemeber is a black thingie with a pipe attatched. It is about 1.5" long and similar diameter, the pipe runs up the wheel arch.
Is this the tank breather??
Just wanted to know if its position is critical as it is in a place where the towbar needs to fit.

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Post by JohnD » 26 Jun 2002, 00:48

Hi Dave - My experience is confined to 205s and BXs but what you are probably looking at is a vent valve for the fuel system. If it's in the way of your towbar fitting I would think it could be moved slightly.

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Post by Davewall » 27 Jun 2002, 02:21

Thanks John,
I`ve moved it a few inches at the same level.

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Post by NiSk » 01 Aug 2002, 13:19

I'm pretty sure that its the overflow pipe for the tank filling recess (the one that leads away petrol if you get over enthusiatic and try to top off the tank to much).
So it won't matter if you move it a bit.