Your advice on a K Reg 405

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Your advice on a K Reg 405

Post by bigpete »

Evenin' all. I've stumbled across a 405 GLTD for £400 and was wondering if any of you have got any advice and or horror stories!
It's a '92 on a K with 160K miles on the clock, a bit over average mileage but I have faith in XUD engine – maybe blind faith! Externally it seems tidy enough with no real obvious rust/wear and tear. Took it for a spin, runs smooth. On a 3 point turn there was a "clunk" on full lock both left and right. A quick look under the bonnet and everything seems to be in the right place, but the one thing did concern me was oil in the air filter. I've had a search on this forum but couldn't find anything so not sure if this is a big problem? It’s had a recent cam belt change which I was told without me asking.
I’ve gone on plenty so I’ll leave it in your hands. Any advice/recommendations on the 405 I would be much obliged. Cheers for your time/responses in advance.