205 GLD 1990

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205 GLD 1990

Post by maxfox44 » 06 May 2002, 01:57

Hi Guys
Recently, I have been hearing this vibration type noise at certain engine loads. Nothing to do with roadspeed. I've checked the exhaust, all seems fine. There is some oil leaking from the head. But there has been some some years. The noise usually is heard when hitting the throttle. Any ideas

Dave Burns
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205 GLD 1990

Post by Dave Burns » 07 May 2002, 00:35

Worn main bearing's can make a low pitched rumbling type of noise along with a light vibration at certain load's, most noticable if you let the engine labour, which is what buggers them up in the first place.
Worn Rotodiesel pump bearing's may cause the engine to produce uneven running and vibration at particular revs.
They can also become noisey in operation themselves according to the BX DIY site.