306TD clutch cable

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306TD clutch cable

Post by bobrenshaw » 29 Apr 2002, 01:09

Just bought a 1996(N) 306XRTD for my daughter.
The clutch pedal is very heavy to operate.
I have been told this is usually caused by a dry clutch cable which runs close to the exhaust?
I am going to fit a new one, any tips on the easiest way to do this, as the cable disappears down behind the engine. Is it easier to do part of it from underneath having released both ends or do I have to take all the intercooler etc off?
I will buy a Haynes manual tomorrow which I presume will tell me "how to"

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306TD clutch cable

Post by Jakey » 28 May 2002, 22:00

I am having the same issue with the clutch on my 306 Dturbo. I am grateful for the explaination - as my main dealer tried to sugest the clutch was going and recommended a replacement. Did you change the cable? If so, did it help ?

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306TD clutch cable

Post by pugwash » 14 Jul 2002, 17:57

Same here. Tried to replace the cable - got everything out in minutes except the clip retaining the cable at the bulkhead (engine side). You cannot get access to it from undeneath or above. I have even taken the intercooler off but all the air filter pipes and turbo/manifold bits still obstruct.
I also think the clutch pedal itself has a bad linkage because it fails to come up half the time - known problem it appears. Will try and stick some lithium grease on that at the least.