Gearbox woes.....

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Gearbox woes.....

Post by stephen burch » 04 May 2004, 22:13

Can anyone please tell me if a 91-92 BX tgd turbo gearbox will fit a peugeot 309 GLDT 92-93? They look to be the same but is there any difference in the driveshaft sizes etc? I cant remember if the BX is 1.7 or 1.9 diesel. But the peugeot is 1769.
Any help appreciated. Thanks


Gearbox woes.....

Post by philhoward » 05 May 2004, 00:07

BX TD has the same size engine (1769), so should be okay at a guess...may be worth asking this on the Cit forum for confirmation.
BTW, the BX's had either the 1769 N/A or turbo lumps, and the 1.9 N/A fitted. Xantia's had only 1.9's fitted (both N/A and turbo)