1.6 swap for 1.9 GTI engine

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1.6 swap for 1.9 GTI engine

Post by Smartshark » 20 Apr 2002, 21:13

My 1.6 GTI engine has just cried enough and I need to carry out a swap urgently.
I have been offered both a 1.9 and 1.6 second hand engine and I would love to put the 1.9 in but I am unsure how straight forward it is.
The 1.6 will just be a straight swap.
The 1.9 comes with a gearbox.
So if I put the whole 1.9 lump in (gearbox as well) will I have any issues with the drive shafts? or any none matching of parts I should worry about.
Will the 1.9 except the 1.6 gearbox as a straight swap?.
Is there any difference with the ECU between the 1.9 and 1.6?
I do not want to take the 1.9 and then find I spend the next few months swapping and matching parts.
The whole engine swap must be carried out in one weekend as I am moving house in two weeks.

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Post by JohnD » 20 Apr 2002, 23:44

Hi Paul - The catalogue lists the same driveshafts for the 1.6 and the 1.9, so you wouldn't have worries on that score - but I can't help you on your other points.

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Post by fiji bob » 25 Apr 2002, 02:02

not too sure about the driveshafts but ecu is different but ive heard that 1.9`s do run with these ecu`s, airflow meter is different 1.6 can use 1.9 but not the other way round, gearbox wise depends what you want 1.6 box has shorter 1st and maybe second + different final drive so better acceleration but lower top speed