106 Relays (Heated rear screen)

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106 Relays (Heated rear screen)

Post by Marly » 26 Feb 2001, 19:14

Whilst trying to fix the girlies 106 (1.1XN, 92) I found it absolutely impossible to get to the relay box. Haynes was no help! It said to pull the fuse box out, which in my mind cant be done. Any ideas?
The switch operates the relay (I can hear it click) Can relays just not make contact, or is it the wiring to the rear screen.
Any gems of wisdom gratefully accepted!


106 Relays (Heated rear screen)

Post by Jon » 26 Feb 2001, 22:34

Ok, esaiset way to test the wiring to the heated rear window is to carefully pull off the 2 spade connectors that attach to the HRW, and put a lead, or test lamp between them. Then turn on the ignition, and put on the HRW switch, if the lamp you have attached works, theres nothing wrong with the wiring.
These faults are usuaully caused by a fractured element in the window itself.....