ECU problem

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ECU problem

Post by TRIOS » 12 Apr 2002, 19:21

My Pug 405GTI/1991 is giving me some probs lately. It `jerks` when cruising ard. 45 -60 kmh in 4th gear 20000-25000 rpm. Sometimes it stalled / engine stopped at traffic lights. Went to an authorised service centre and have it checked with `MUT" - some kind of computer- and was told the cranking sensor was not functioning and need to be replaced. Got it replaced and had my Pug serviced but now its giving me another headache. Difficult to start in the morning. I called a few friends and they advised me to have the wiring checked coz the car is already 10 yrs old and there might be some connection problems. So..last week i sent it to one wireman and was told 2 days ago that he had checked all the wiring and couldnt find the fault and most probably it could be the ECU.
The ECU (MOTRONIC BOSCH : 0261 200 213)is quite costly here in Malaysia about RM3,800.
Can someone out there plz help... thanks, Pugsthe BEST!

alan s
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Post by alan s » 13 Apr 2002, 03:24

Had a similar problem on my Cit 16 valve & have just bought another car with similar problems. In each case it turned out to be the spark plug leads shorting near the actual spark plugs onto the cylinder head.
For some reason, it seems most mechanics blame the ECUs for most problems in cars with them fitted. I think there's two reasons for this; they don't understand them and it makes the owner too frightened to go looking for the problem themselves. I would confidently say that of all components on a car, the ECU probably gives the least amount of problems. It could be faulty but you'd have to be very unlucky. <img src=icon_smile_shock.gif border=0 align=middle>
Alan S