405 Carburettor Problems.....

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405 Carburettor Problems.....

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I had to replace the carb on my '88 405 1.6 due to cowboy garage work (they fitted a new weber 32/34 drtc 8/100 and skipped the choke part!), which i replaced with a solex 32/34 z1 from a bx at the scrapyard. The choke works fine (a little lazy), but at times it will judder (as if backfiring) after losing power. It also uses far too much petrol, im currently getting 400 miles to a full tank (60 litres), surely it should be more? I am sure i can also feel the secondary barrel flap open through the accelerator, which seems to be harder when it loses power and goes for a jolty phase. Is this normal? Admittedly it is an improvement on the old carb (350 miles!), I dont drive like a maniac (usually!) The timing has been played with a lot, its now at 4 btdc just to stop it from pinking with unleaded - what is the timing meant to be retarded to? My haynes manual says 7, but i have read 8 elsewhere. After much time and effort with this car, im starting to wish i could go back to my old 1.3 309 - slow, but nowhere near as many problems!!!!