judder on steering whell 405D

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judder on steering whell 405D

Post by micksayner » 07 Apr 2004, 01:49

I have a 405 diesel estate with 82000 miles on clock. If I drive at around 40 the steering wheel moves gently from side to side. (I know it isn`t wheel balance).
If I put the car into slight lock, L or R, the same happens, but it also causes the gear lever to shudder as well, & you can feel it through the rest of the car.
I suspect that it is possibly a drive shaft problem, but wondered if anyone could advise me as to how to identify which shaft it is!
I have had a look with said car jacked up etc, & there isnt any noticeable wear/tare/damage to indicate that it is either.
Is it likely that both shafts would be faulty? or is there another common cause of this type of problem to which the 405 is susceptible?
Many thanks for your time & help.