205 GTI

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205 GTI

Post by mauro »

My 205 1.6 GTI has a problem. The no-charge warning light comes on at idle and gets brighter the higher the engine speed, or if I use a high power ancillary such as the heater fan. The previous owner had the alternater and battery replaced twice in one year by Peugeot! Can anyone throw some light on this perplexing problem?

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Post by nrl »

.... Hmmmn, electrical gremlins. You have made the assumption that the previous Peugeot reoplacements of the alternator and battery were associated with the same problem you now describe, is this the case?
Anyway, the charge light indicates that the alternator is not charging. Have you placed a multimeter across the battery and tested cold cranking, normal runing, and running under load conditions (ie with all electrics & lights on)? I can't remember whether the voltage regulator on your car is built into the alternator or is a separate module, but this could also be at fault, especially if it was not replaced with the last lot.
In essence, confirm where the problem lies ie if the alternator is not producing sufficient current or not. I would also suggest you approach an auto electrician and explain the problem, they may have a trick up their sleeve.

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If your not having problems with the car battery going flat then consider this. The red charge warning light is just showing a difference of voltage. It could be a poor electrical connection or possibly something like high resistance in the ignition switch. Hence what I say its just a difference in potential. A little testing around with a multimeter should easily find the problem. Its no good just swopping bits to try to fix it.