306 Timing Belt Replacement Advice.

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306 Timing Belt Replacement Advice.

Post by microkid42 »

My local Puegeot delaer wants to sting me £450 notes minimum for their recommended replacement timing belt at the 72k service.
It's obvious that if it goes, then I am in deep doo doo's, but is it essential for it to be done at 72k or does it have a longer life expectantcy than this?
My brother-in-law said he can replace it, but I am reluctant, since if it isn't done right, it's bye bye engine, and if this was to happen with a dealer I would have some recourse.
How difficult is it to replace this item?
Thanks for your help,

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns »

£450 way to much as you are allready aware, only attempt it if you are used to this sort of procedure and have a good mechanical knowledge, mistake's made here will as you know be very costly.
I change my belt's at 50,000 mile intervals to be on the safe side.
Good luck

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Post by JohnD »

Hi Mark - You didn't say whether it was petrol or diesel, but either way, the belt should be changed before 72000. If you have a diesel and the belt breaks, you'll be looking at big money to put it right. What you've been quoted for the job is way over the top. A new belt is around £14, and the job can be done in 3 to 4 hours. Get yourself a Haynes manual, and if you have some mechanical ability and a tool kit, have a go.

andy hannett
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Post by andy hannett »

the dealer is trying to rip you off!!!! Recently had my timing belt done in TD 405 and it only cost £150 all in and that was at a main dealer.
try ringing round other local dealers and garages to get a better spread of prices.

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Post by petrolhd »

Hi Mark,
I have replaced the timing belt on my 1.6 306XR petrol twice and it is not as difficult as it seems.
There are a couple of pulleys that needs to be removed before you can gain access to the belt.
One very inportant point to note is to make sure the relatioship between the cam and the crank is not disturbed while the belt is off.
The haynes manual gives a pretty good and accurate procedure on the replacement of the timing belt.
Better replace it ASAP as a broken timing belt will do a lot of damage to the engine. Very likely to cost more than 450 quid to sort out.

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Post by ian_106 »

My cam belt went on my 306gti @ 44000mls it cost me £1100 to repair it, the car has a full peugeot service history.

alan s
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Post by alan s »

I'm presently in the middle of a cambelt change on a BX 16V (read Mi16 if a Pug owner) which comes with a full range of horror stories from within "the Trade."
I would rate the job as more a victim of urban myth than a deep & mystical event embroiled in traps and insurmountable problems which require the use of mythical machines and testing equipment which in most cases can't be used for a myriad of reasons. My belt was changed 40,000klms ago by a "specialist" and although I won't go into the reasons here, would have failed within the next 10,000 klms for sure due to the lack of care & common sense when it was fitted. Recommended changing interval was 4 years or 80,000klms.
My advice would be to err on the side of caution as regards the interval for changing goes. In future, I doubt that I'll let my car go beyond 60,000 before I do a change.
To let your brother-in-law do it will be OK if he has a reasonable mechanical knowledge and instead of financing your local Pug guy into an early retirement, living in the manner to which he hopes to grow accustomed to, spend a few quid on necessary gear to do the job properly; a good service manual, locating pins and/or whatever is recommended to be required to do the job properly. Keep everything clean, no grease, oil or contaminents on the new belt, use common sense by adjusting the belt sensibly, change the water pump as a sensible precaution and just do everything in a systematic and precise manner.
Chances are that you'll do the job better than the dealer would have. Being the first one & being ultra careful, the entire job may go as long as 4 hours. Doing them fairly regularly, that time would come down to around 2 hours. The time and info I quoted was based on a 16 valve motor; an 8 valve would take even less. The dealer didn't ask that you bring it in after his weekend at the Casino in Monaco by any chance?<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
Alan S

Grant Withington
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Post by Grant Withington »

I changed the timing belt on my 205 1.9GTi 4 times in its long and reliable service, (changed every 30,000 miles). It usually took under 4 hours.
I changed it once on my Xantia 1.9TD, - what a nightmare, it took a 1 1/2 days due to lack of access at the side of the cam belt, you have to remove the engine mount and jack up the engine to use an open ended 10mm spanner to release the cam belt cover.
My local reputable independant garage charged £108 labour and £8.00 for the belt on the 2nd change. You can guess where I'm going next time!

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Post by JohnD »

Now - now - Grant, we can't have you putting all the readers off doing their own belt changes on their diesels. It's not that bad a job. But maybe it's just that I've had a bit more practice with three XUDs in the family to do. If you think the Xantia is cramped on space, take a look at the diesel 205. - Cheer!