Replacing Electric window Switches

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Replacing Electric window Switches

Post by KRISKARRERA » 09 Mar 2002, 21:33

Lets say one of your electric window switches had died on ya, basically you need a new one. At £32 from Peugeot sod that!
So my question really is: could I make do with one of those cheapy toggle switches like you see in Halfords? And if the answer is "yes" does anyone know which wires I should connect to it, as there's 5 or 6 wires in the car but only 3 bits on the back of the toggle switch.

David Goddard
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Post by David Goddard » 10 Mar 2002, 04:43

A double pole change-over switch should do the biz. Would need to have at least a 15 amp rating.
The clever bit is which wire goes to which contact!
Get it wrong and fuses will blow!

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Post by puc » 11 Mar 2002, 22:54

The price seems a little steep. I recently bought an electric window switch for a 405 which included one-touch buttons from a peugeot dealer for £15 +vat. The old switch was sticky but the fault lay in the electric window control box, a jammed relay was causing the fuse to blow. I removed this relay, added a miniature relay externally and its now fine.