suspect my head gasket

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suspect my head gasket

Post by puc » 01 Mar 2004, 20:18

I was stuck in traffic for around 3 hours due to snow last thursday. After several cycles of the coolant rising in temp and the fan cutting in, i noticed vapour from under the bonnet. i switched off and saw that coolant had boiled out of the radiator cap and there appeared to be wisps of vapor from around the top hose.
the hose doesnt have any obvious splits but is it possible that there could be microscopic cracks that open under pressure. this could then let air into the system and cause the boiling.
or is my head gasket gone?

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Post by macaroni » 03 Mar 2004, 04:25

Sounds like it overheated due to the cooling fan not cutting in. Not too big a problem.
Thing is, if it got too hot, the cylinder head might have warped which means a head skim and new gasket.
Get the fan checked out first, top up with water and give it another go.
Head gaskets go whether you are in traffic or not.
If it is a head gasket, there should be milky residue in the oil and bubbles in the radiator expansion tank.
Hope this helps and it isn't a head gasket!