Smoking 205GT 1.4

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Smoking 205GT 1.4

Post by fizzicist » 06 Feb 2002, 00:25

HELP! I have a '92J 205GT (5 door XS basically) which is blowing copious amounts of blue smoke as if the valve stem oil seals have gone - however it started doing this very suddenly. As in it was fine when I got back from a long journey (Ipswich to Coventry) on Sunday and this morning once the car had got warmed through it was blowing incredible amounts of smoke. There is no smoke on starting and it starts to smoke as the engine gets warmer. Once running it smokes consistenly under throttle, with big clouds when changing gear or pulling away. It misfires at low revs & tickover and clears at around 2500-3000rpm.
I've checked the air filter and run the engine without it to no avail. The only thing I can think is that on Friday I have overfilled the engine with oil and after a 300 mile round trip it's suddenly started to burn that oil. Which doesn't make sense...
Any suggestions? Is changing these seals a difficult job or is it reasonably straightforward?

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Smoking 205GT 1.4

Post by derek » 01 Mar 2002, 02:47

do you have engine oil in water,water in oil,if yes, poss head off for inspection.try a wet & dry comp test, or evan a cylinder leakage test to see if rings are at is poss that over filling with oil will produce these results,but valve stem seals will make smoke at idle & just after driving off, not under driving