205 GTI Creaking from rear

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205 GTI Creaking from rear

Post by Mikeyzig » 28 Jan 2002, 03:34

hope someone can help me with this one.
I have owned my 205 for two years now and it has been great.
Ever since I got the car there has been a creaking from the rear of the car. It wasn't that bad to begin with but seems to have got worse lately and does also seem to be worse in cold weather.
I have heard some talk of the suspension bearings or similar but would like some sound advise if anyone knows what this is likey to be.
All the best

wayne togher
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Post by wayne togher » 29 Jan 2002, 02:35

hi mate sounds like the same thing i had on my 309 , when i pushed down on the back it creaked and grated , it turned out to be the anti roll bar bearings,and the cheapest fix was to get a complete 2nd hand axle to put on ,£50 from the breakers .hope this helps