Door mirrors

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Door mirrors

Post by batwad » 16 Jan 2004, 16:00

After having some clown turn my nearside door mirror into a dangly mess, I phoned the smashing gents at GSF and enquired about getting a new one. I know the temp sensor on a 306 is in the nearside mirror and apparently new ones come with glass but not the temperature sensor. Has anyone tried transplanting the sensor from one mirror to a new one?
Also, apparently they only stock colour coded ones which need to be sprayed. As they're only £35+VAT each (as opposed to the £100+ I was expecting) I'm tempted to get a pair and spray them myself. Will a can of spray from Halfords be okay? Any tips here as well?

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Post by nathan_marriott » 16 Jan 2004, 18:20

Depending on where you are you could try ilkeston peugeot breakers, speak to stuart and he'll sort you out, he did me one for £25 (electric/heated etc), came with glass etc, non colour coded (mine were black anyway so it didnt matter)
Their no is 0115 9300 588

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Post by batwad » 21 Jan 2004, 18:04

Cheers, but that's a tad far me to go :-)
An interesting point to note, however, is that the mirrors supplied by GSF have the temperature sensor in the offside mirror (as opposed to the original, which is in the nearside) so I had to transplant the sensor, which was mericfully simple. It still seems pretty daft to me, as all the wiring is in the nearside door.
Also, and a bit more annoying, they don't fold in like the originals, which will make squeezing past in the garage a little trickier. Perhaps I need that New Year diet after all...
But anyway, they're masked up and ready to be sprayed. I've had a look at various cars, including 306s, with body coded mirrors and have decided to spray the entire mirror body and not just the removable panel on the back. I'll post a picture if anyone's interested in the end result.

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Post by solara » 21 Jan 2004, 18:29

Sounds like GSF are sourcing french version wing mirrors, as they have temp sensor/wiring connectors on the off-side. Whereas UK have temp sensor/wiring on near-side.