406 EW10J4 engine with AL4 gearBox

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406 EW10J4 engine with AL4 gearBox

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Hello everyone,

May I have your suggestion on AL4 oil replacement. I did it following the usermanual.

1. vehicle on horizontal ground, (yes)
2. check that the transmission is not in downgraded mode, (yes)
3. remove the filler plug 1 and systematically add 0.5 litres of oil to the transmission, (yes)
4 press the brake and change through all the gears,(yes)
5 selector lever in position P,(yes)
6 engine running at idle speed, (yess)
7 oil temperature 60 °C . ( around 75 by PP2000 )

When I removed the level plug, the oil came out as stream and finally driping. I placed back the level plug.

The oil came out around 1.3 littre. Is this ok?

Previously, I took my car to the shop to replace the oil in gearbox and now it passed 10 000 km. I just want to check the oil level if it is still be in a good condition.