Peugeot 306 plip key (wanted)

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Peugeot 306 plip key (wanted)

Post by kevinh123 » 10 Jan 2004, 03:10

Hi does anyone out there have a plip key for a peuget 306 (1995 model) that is for sale, or does anyone know where i will get one from. thank Kevin

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Peugeot 306 plip key (wanted)

Post by woodhead722 » 11 Jan 2004, 03:44

I enquired at a peugeot dealer recently as there was someone on Ebay selling one who said it could be reprogrammed to suit another lock.
The dealer said they could order another curcuit board from within at about £50, but could not reprog.
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Peugeot 306 plip key (wanted)

Post by JR » 11 Jan 2004, 17:15

Hi Kevin,
The only place you can get these from are authorised Peugeot dealers, such as Warwick Wright. For obvious reasons, not any old garage can sell these.
I was quoted £72.00 for a 2 button replacement keyfob - if you have central locking and alarm you will need one of these, or if you just have an alarm you will need a 1 button keyfob. Alternativeley, if you still have the internal circuit board of the keyfob and the plastic casing is knackered, then you can buy these separately for around £4.00.
cheers, JR