306 TD battery charge light

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306 TD battery charge light

Post by dsegal » 07 Jan 2004, 17:11

Having a bad time with my 306 TD at the moment. On the way to the shop to pick up a new rad for the car (as it had developed a leak that was washing the car in front) my battery warning light started glowing but dimley. It had done this a couple of times before, but what was happening was that when you turned the ignition on but engine not running the light was on but again dim. After starting the engine after a couple of revs the light would go out and then it would be OK. Now the light is on (but glowing dim, not bright) when the engine is running. Sometimes the light glows bright whilst the engine is running then goes dim again but never goes out. I checked the voltage across the battery and it is 12v before starting but then drops and carries on dropping when the engine is running so it is obviously not charging. Do you think its the alternator or is there a relay or something somewhere that might be faulty as I don't understand why the warning light is on but dim, even when the ignition is on but the engine not running. Any ideas?

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Post by solara » 07 Jan 2004, 21:52

Sounds like your alternator is faulty.
Possibly worn carbon bushes.
How much mileage has your 306td done. Mines is on 126k and still on original alternator, but must be close to wearing out?
Dont know whether the bushes are easily taken apart on these alternators. If so, should be fairly cheap to repair. Alternatively, a reconditioned exchange unit will probably cost 100 quid.

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Post by solara » 07 Jan 2004, 21:53

Apologies for typo... I meant carbon brushes ( not bushes)

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Post by shawn » 11 Jan 2004, 05:24

Even when they go alltogether you cam still drive on for a bit.I ran a works van for over a week before it stopped.
My water in the fuel light is always on and off even with the sender unpluged so it may be a dashboard fault.