205 D preheating

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205 D preheating

Post by woodhead722 » 05 Jan 2004, 00:20

My 205 diesel preheating light occasionally does not go out (or comes on during driving), any suggestions what to check please?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 05 Jan 2004, 04:00

I would obtain a cheap used relay from a breakers and try that first, just make sure you get the correct one, sounds like the glow relay has gone tits up.

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Post by kevin » 05 Jan 2004, 18:39

It is advisable to check the block connector on the blue box. We had a similar problem on a 205, after 4 S/h relays and 1 new one, it turned out to be a poor earth.
A new return wire was scotchlocked in and to the best of my knowledge, the tempory repair is still working after three years.

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Post by woodhead722 » 06 Jan 2004, 05:42

Thanks to both of you I'll have a look when I get chance>