Peugeot 309 boot lock

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Peugeot 309 boot lock

Post by JC » 04 Jan 2004, 21:37

How do you remove the boot lock from a Peugeot 309? Mine has stuck, luckily in unlocked position and key will not turn it. Stripped off outside plastic fascia panel on boot and plastic trim behind boot lid, but cannot work out how to remove the lock?
Any assistance gratefully received.

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Post by woodhead722 » 05 Jan 2004, 00:26

The 205 has a wishbone shaped clip which slides into a grove just behind the boot lid metal. Maybe the 309 is same.
Look round the inside of the lock as close to the metal as poss, and hopefully you will see it. Slide the wishbone out and the lock will drop out. It's a bit like a door lock fixing.
Good luck!

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Post by jackherer » 05 Jan 2004, 15:59

I dont know about phase 1 309s, but phase 2 models (angled rear lights as opposed to rectangular) have the lock rivetted in so needs drilling out and the replacement rivetted/bolted in place.