Proving a sensor

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Proving a sensor

Post by MARKBLACK » 19 Dec 2003, 22:37

Hi I've noticed for a while now a light appearing on the dash - it was so fast at first I thought it was my eye lash catching my eye.
Anyway the light stayed on today for about 5 seconds - it looked like a tube thermometer "I think" I've never seen this symbol before, anyway I have a feeling its water temperature so what I am thinking of can I (if I can find it) earth the temperature sender the car has a temp gauge on but I want to prove this sender obviously these Peugeots must have two on them.
While I remember do these vehicles have a warning light for water in the fuel?
The vehicle was registered in 1993 (L) 1905 CC

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Proving a sensor

Post by CITMAN » 20 Dec 2003, 03:02

check your coolant level.

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Proving a sensor

Post by gjb02 » 20 Dec 2003, 04:28

Or the coolant level switch. It should be on the side of the rad. There may be two near each other. Do the following to them both just to cover the bases. Check the connections for security or corrosion. Clean any dirty terminals and spray with some WD40 or similar. Then reconnect.
I had a similar thing happen on my old BX, turned out one of the wires was badly corroded, so I cut it out and replaced with a good length of wire.