306 turbo diesel Problems Starting When Cold

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306 turbo diesel Problems Starting When Cold

Post by BSS » 17 Dec 2003, 16:14

When it is very cold outside I have difficulties starting and running my Pug 306td.
Normally it starts first time, then unless you keep the revs up it will stall. If you hold the revs between 2000-2500 after a short time they will shoot up to about 3500, after that the car will run fine. Though as you first drive away, as you are accelerating, the power seems to flucuate.
If it does stall it is very difficult to start again.
Some people have said it could be a problem with the glow plugs; they have said that after the initial start they are meant to remain hot.
I have tried bleeding the system once, but there still seems to be air in there.
All help gratefully recieved![:)]

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Post by kevin » 17 Dec 2003, 19:48

The heater plugs remain on after the engine has started to aid cold running for a few moments, then are switched off by the relay.
This sounds like air is still is entering the fuel system. This is causing the engine to surge. Check the four allenscrews on the top of the fuel filter, as this is the only area that is disturbed when the filter is changed. I am sure there is a small O ring on the top of the lid, again check this.
Good luck