406 2.0L 16v gearbox - which one?

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406 2.0L 16v gearbox - which one?

Post by mo » 16 Dec 2003, 17:27

[?] My 1997 pug 406 2.0L ST came to a grinding halt as I drove home last week. The gearbox seized and I came screeching to a complete stop with a big bang (which was the gearbox casing cracking).
Anyway the box is thrashed and I picked up a second hand box out of a 1996 1.8L 16v 406.
Now I thought that all these PSA gearboxes were the same on 1.8 16v and 2.0 16v peugeot and citroen - but when I went to fit the gearbox I found that it was a different structure and the clutch assembly was also different. There is an extra bolt hole in my original box which bolts into the sump itself which is alluminium (thicker than normal sump)
This is not on the second hand box I got.
Can this box be fitted?
Can a 1.8L box normally fit into a 2.0L?
Is my car (406 ST) different than other 2.0L 406 Peugeots?
Any help out there would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.