pug 406 1.9td tuning

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pug 406 1.9td tuning

Post by leerichmond2000 » 14 Dec 2003, 20:00

i have an r reg 406 1.9td, can i use the method of tuning by increasing boost and fuel like other ppl do because mine has an ecu and i dont think the other 306's that have being tuned have and ecu?
also do you think it is safe and are there any ill effects?

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pug 406 1.9td tuning

Post by macaroni » 23 Dec 2003, 17:14

Are you sure the 1.9 has an ecu?
If so, it doesn't control the boost, only the fuelling. I have a 2.1, to which I have added a Bromleys tunit IV box. £375 + VAT and it should give a claimed 20+bhp. It certainly feels like it. 3rd gear at about 2250rpm is great.
If it isn't ecu controlled, you can still get the fuelling and boost increased manually to give an extra 20bhp or so. Try Van Aaken or www.thedervdoctor.co.uk
Hope this helps.