wet headlining in 405

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wet headlining in 405

Post by puc » 11 Dec 2003, 19:13

i found water in the front passenger footwell and linked this to a wet headlining. now i guess its the sunroof drains BUT the sunroof mechanism is jammed. does anyone have any idea how to clear the drains in this situation or even where they run?

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wet headlining in 405

Post by Paulmi16 » 12 Dec 2003, 01:13

The drain tubes at the front are visable with the sunroof open. As yours is jammed I would suggest lowering the roof lining or take it out which is fairly easy as all the trim panels are push fit, and have a look inside
The other options are to remove the roof console and wind the sunroof manually, or remove the glass panel leaving the rest in situ.

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wet headlining in 405

Post by Homer » 12 Dec 2003, 03:08

On the BX the drains run down inside the A pillars (each side of windscreen) and I have unblocked them in the past by taking the trim off then making a small hole in the tube and passing a wire up inside. Then resealing the tube with waterproof tape.
I believe there is a set of rear drains as well but can't say where they might run.