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Pug 505 GR

Post by oaklands » 09 Dec 2003, 21:28

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of an engine from another car that would directly replaced the knacker unit in our 2.0 505 auto estate?
We've had no joy in finding another 505 motor so any help would be welcome.

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Post by oaklands » 21 Dec 2003, 01:34


alan s
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Post by alan s » 21 Dec 2003, 02:38

I would say the reason no one's answered is because there isn't one to my knowledge.
If you're keen enough, from what I hear, a V6 conversion is possible but difficult and extremely expensive if you don't DIY.
You may have a bit of luck if you give your location also, as I understand 505s are a bit thin on the ground in the UK. If you were in Australia it would be no trouble although of late there have been a heap of guys from Egypt carting 504/505s out of here by the container load, literally thousands, so we are beginning to run a bit low ourselves.
What is wrong with your motor, as they have a reputation of being bomb proof which is why the Arab countries use them forever. Short of a conrod out the side of the block or having to access one from France, it could be that a rebuild is your cheapest & most logical option as they're a pretty basic reliable engine that shouldn't be all that expensive to repair.
Alan S

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Post by oaklands » 22 Dec 2003, 19:21

I am located in the UK. I have had quotes for repairs but as this will be in excess of £500 it far exceeds the value of the car! I just thought that it would be easier to source a suitable replacement engine.

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Post by reblack68 » 11 Feb 2004, 02:51

Talbot Express/Citroen C25 van, although these are pretty rare too.
The 2 litre Renault engine, I think, is the same as the 2.2 litre Injection 505 engine so you might be able to make something work that way. Some Renaults have them with carbs.
If you go to the Autotrader site there's a link somewhere that allows you to search for specific parts.