405 clutch problem

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405 clutch problem

Post by martyp » 09 Dec 2003, 14:51

Just thought I would enquire about this, before I commit to having the clutch replaced at great expense. My 92 405 GLD's clutch has started slipping, mainly when the engine is fully warmed. I don't suppose that can be cured by adjusting the cable? It's the same clutch at 108,000 so I can't complain.
I'd love to do replace the clutch myself, and probably could, but as I'm a 500 mile a week commuter I'll probably be forced to go to Mr Clutch, has anyone had any bad experiences with them?
Thanks, it's still a truly great car, even if it is going to cost me a big wad before christmas!!

alan s
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405 clutch problem

Post by alan s » 09 Dec 2003, 15:54

I can remember someone using that company a while back for a Citroen & were pleasantly surprised at how competitive the price was.
They aren't a complicated car to put a clutch in & they shouldn't have to take the engine out to do the job, just drop the box off.
Alan S