Peugeot 405 - poor output from heater

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Peugeot 405 - poor output from heater

Post by oaklands » 04 Dec 2003, 21:17

I have just found these forums so I hope you can help me.
My wife has a Pug 405 2.0 GR. Just lately the heater output has become very poor. I have noticed that a core plug on the front of the engine is leaking water and she confirms that she frequently has to top up the coolant. Could this be connected to the heater problem, is it possible that an airlock is causing this? I might add that the car runs at a normal temperature.
If an airlock, how do I bleed the cooling system?
Thanks in advance.

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Peugeot 405 - poor output from heater

Post by arry_b » 05 Dec 2003, 19:00

That'll be an airlock in the heater most likely. Unfortunately, that usually means there is (or is about to be) an airlock in the head which takes out the head gasket and usually warps the head.
Fix the leaking core plug, then bleed the system using an expansion tank.
Don't leave this unlesss you like changing head gaskets, and don't be tempted to use Radweld or similar.
See ... IC_ID=4823 for header tank info.