Diesel, cold starting problem

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Diesel, cold starting problem

Post by Michael » 17 Dec 2001, 00:01

The glow plug light on my 106 diesel stays lit for around 15-20 secs, and when I then try to start the car it takes quite a while, sometimes refusing completely. Any ideas why, I have replaced the battery and glow plugs, could it be the glow plug pre-heater unit??

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 17 Dec 2001, 17:28

Hi Michael, Yep could be burnt contacts in the pre-heating relay, could be air getting in through a split leakoff pipe or the blanking cap, it could even be the stop solenoid sticking but that is unlikely.
Good luck

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Post by StefanZbrozek » 18 Dec 2001, 20:22

It could be the cold start mechanism. Its basically and large cylindrical lump of metal that is screwed into the cylinder head, probably near water pipework.
Inside it is a pleated sheets of copper that expand and contract with temperature change.
This expansion pulls a cable which comes out of the plug and goes to the diesel fuel pump,and connects to a small level. In cold temperatures the lever is pulled which puts more fuel into the engine when starting cold, and when the engine coolant warms up, the cables is released and the idle set is back to normal.
Follow the cable fro the pump back and find the one which this is. Is is seems 'dodgy' and loose and the thermocouple end then it might needs replacing, about £18 from a dealer service centre.
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Post by Michael » 18 Dec 2001, 23:46

Thanks for the advice I'll try it out on the weekend, cheers
m chapman