306 Td head gasket?

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306 Td head gasket?

Post by kevin » 02 Dec 2003, 17:20

On the morning trip into work the temperature guage climbed in to the 90c mark. Stopped the car to allow the engine to cool and then removed the cap. I noticed a build up of pressure in the engine cooling system when I removed the pressure cap and a loss of coolant from somewhere in the system. As there was no increase in the engine oil level I ruled out a blown head gasket.[8D]
The system was bled when the antifreeze was replaced after the car boiled. Could the car be exhibiting the first sign of headgasket failure or could there be some other (less expensive) problem.
Many thanks in appreciation[:)]
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Post by Mably » 05 May 2004, 01:25

the water doesnt always go into the sump, the gasket might be blown right on the edge of the combustion chamber, so the water will go right in, turn to steam and go right out the exhaust. hope that helped

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Post by solara » 05 May 2004, 14:11

check your water pump for leaks.

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Post by kevin » 05 May 2004, 15:41

When I had the job done, the head was skimmed and pressure tested. The gasket failed due to the old paper type being fitted. Apparently there is a newer "metal" one available.
Also the water pump was replaced as there was signs on wear on the bearing shalft. As we were in there at the time it was wise to replace it. This gave us something to do whilst the head was away!
The report from the engineers said the pre-combustion chambers were starting to place pressure on the head gasket when they expanded when the engine warmed up.
The car is running like new, and many thanks for your replies