Noisy EGR Valve

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Noisy EGR Valve

Post by pug306hdi » 30 Nov 2003, 21:56

I have a 2000 (w) 306 HDI dturbo that is very noisy when accellerating. Peugeot have diagnosed this as a voisy EGR valve, and aparantly is a known problem. Thing is, when the problem was discovered, Peugeot modified the valve to use a rubber/plastic head rather than a metal one, so the springs inside didnt make such a noise, but then changed suppliers a couple of months after and they were back to the same problem.
Peugeot can no longer help me, as the only replacement EGR valves they can get have metal tops on them.
I have heard these valves can be safely disconnected - is this a simple job, and does it affect the engine in any way?
Any advice/comments greatly apreciated.

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Noisy EGR Valve

Post by tc » 03 Dec 2003, 03:08

blanked off my egr valve about a month ago and have had no ill effects so far.haven't had an emission check yet but throwing less **** out than before.big bonus is fuel consumption has dropped dramatically,probably getting 25 per cent more per gallon.(s reg 1.9d-90,000 miles)--------tc