Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by jameso » 29 Nov 2003, 16:13

My Peugeot 306 is playing silly buggers with the central locking. What happens is i press the button on the key fob to lock the car and it locks the car then unlocks it straight after. It started doing it a bit but now it does it all the time!!!

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by JR » 30 Nov 2003, 01:03

Have you checked that all doors are securely shut? I had the same problem recently, and the passenger seat belt was trapped in the door, which meant the central locking kept unlocking after pressing the key fob. The central locking system is a closed circuit, so the fact that it locks and then unlocks, means that the circuit is open somewhere.
Failing this, if ALL your doors are securely shut, I would say you have an electrical problem or blown fuse.

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by Paulmi16 » 30 Nov 2003, 17:59

I would suggest tightening the screws on the interior light switches and the door pillars. When Our central locking went on strike, bigger screws in the switches solved the problem

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by paul_evans_99 » 01 Dec 2003, 18:53

i had a very similar problem with my 405 in the end i found it to be a sticky lock mechanism on one of the front doors. I found that spraying wd40 into the actual lock on the door cured the problem. i also coated the key with wd and used it to open both passenger and drivers doors and so far the problem has ceased. hope this helps. paul

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by solara » 02 Dec 2003, 18:44

I experienced similar central locking problems on my Peugeot 306 XTDT. When you try and lock the car (either via the remote or via the door key switch), it attempts to lock all doors, but then immediately unlocks all doors. This is a security feature should a door not be closed or locked properly.
As other suggested, this is a fault with either the central locking latch switches or wiring. Trying to find the faulty latch or break in the wire is painstaking and tedious. Typically all these switches are connected in series, so any one single faulty switch will trigger the auto-unlock feature.
After hours of probing around the central locking control unit, I have now been able to identify the closed loop circuit which detects all latches have locked. I have been able to manually bypass the sensors, so the control unit "thinks" that all latches have locked okay. This prevents it from auto-unlocking.
For me, this is acceptable, as all my latches lock okay, and the fault lies within the closed loop sensor circuit. Obviously, now if I leave a door open and lock the car, it still "thinks" its locked okay. For me, this is better than no central locking! Also its not worth me spending a fortune on getting the dealer to change the faulty latches, especially when my car is now 10 years old.
For those interested in my noddy workaround...
Step 1: Locate the central locking unit
On my 306 XTDT 1993 model, the central locking control unit, is behind the rear passenger seat (off-side/driver side). It is NOT under the drivers seat as told by the Haynes manual, that is actually the alarm control unit and engine immobiliser!
Step 2: Remove the unit
The central locking control unit is accessed, by folding the rear-seat and lifting the boots carpet next to the seat edge, where there are three screws. Open these, and pull out the central locking control unit from behind the seat. There is no need to disconnect the electrical connectors.
Step 3: Bypass the sensor circuit
There are two plug connectors, one black and one white, connected to the unit. To bypass the latch sensor circuit, connect a wire between M623(yellow/green wire) and 6293(blue wire), both of these wires come out of the black connector. All this can be done with the connector in situ.
Black connector
M623: yellow/green wire in corner of connector
6293: blue wire in same row as above, one hop away.
By shorting this circuit, it effectively closes the loop circuit, telling the control unit that all latches are locked okay.
Hay Presto, you have now disabled the pesky auto unlock feature! Try it by leaving a door open and locking the car, it will lock, but not auto-unlock. You could use this method to identify which lock is actually at fault, as any lock which opens after locking is the culprit.
Hope it works for you

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by kevin » 02 Dec 2003, 19:13

I had a similar problem with my 306 and a Vauxhall Astra previously, it turned out to be the wiring harness on both front doors had disintergrated due to rain water passing down the door seals. I replaced both the door harnesses and everything is now running perfectly.
Good luck

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by philcobt » 17 Feb 2004, 00:24

Had same problem with Daughters 306, it was a broken wire in the plug in the drivers door. Easiest way is to rempve plug, remove door then stretch the rubber boot to see wires. Look for any broken & I then did a careful solder job + sleeving. Hey presto all OK now.
Good luck

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by Russell » 24 Feb 2004, 05:20

Could do with more info.
The locks bounce open on the plip
Do they lock correctly or bounce with the key from outside?
Both front doors?
Do they lock correctly from the inside on the latch
Both front doors?
I'm hoping you'll find a particular door at fault that may have a stiff lock, and just needs a bit of lubricant.
If the locks still bounce open: search the Citroen pages for bouncing lock.
Russell [;)]

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by batwad » 24 Feb 2004, 16:52

I had a similar problem on my 306 when I was, uhm, meddling one time. One of the plastic lock plungers was missing when I bought the car, so I "acquired" one from a scrapyard and pushed it on. I must have pushed it on wrong somehow, as the plunger was in the lock position but the door was unlocked - I'd effectively pushed the plunger too far onto the plunger rod. This meant that when I went to lock the doors, the solenoid tried to pull the plunger down but the plunger was already as low as it would go. Sensing the resistance, the mechanism gave up and simply unlocked the doors again.
So before you go fiddling with wiring looms and whatnot, check that all your plungers are present and correct and in the same position, as the locks will bounce if the encounter resistance. Any heavy-handed friends or family been in the car of late? :-)


Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by philhoward » 01 Mar 2004, 21:48

Wonder why there's 2 plungers missing on my Xantia (i've got the same problems)...

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by jameso » 30 Jul 2004, 14:44

Just found out what the problem and it is very common apparently.
I have found an independent Peugeot and Citroen specialist in Wokingham www.ptsdevelopments.com they are very very good.
What had happened with my car is that one wire in the wiring loom between the door and the body of the car had broken, they fixed this one wire with out the need for replacing the whole wiring section. It just depends where it breaks. PTS were excellent and they do free loan cars so I drop my car off before work and pick it up the next day before work. I get them to do all the work on my car. I live in Oxford and they are about 50miles away, I think that says it all really.

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Pug 306 central locking keeps locking then opening

Post by skes » 31 Jul 2004, 23:50

I just had a problem with my central locking going mad, when i unlocked/locked it it would do it about 5 or 6 times in quick succession, but i noticed the n/s passenger door wouldn't lock so i checked it out and the solenoid had disconnected it's self.