No washer jet

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No washer jet

Post by jacksonr » 12 Dec 2001, 23:23

My washer does not spray on my 205XS, when I pull the lever towards me the windscreen wipers start. It sounds like a dodgy connection to me but Ihaven't a clue where to start. Can anybody help ?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 13 Dec 2001, 00:48

The seal fails in the pump, water then gets into the motor goes rusty siezes up, take the wires off the pump motor and see if there is current being supplied when the switch is opperated, if there is and the earth point is good go and buy a new pump, if there is no supply check fuses and relays if they are ok backtrack from the pump untill the fault is located, not related to your problem but worth checking is the rear washer bottle, the pump on my 205 leaked unseen for some time, this caused the boot floor to go rusty.

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Post by KRISKARRERA » 13 Dec 2001, 04:34

When I bought my Mi16 I discovered that my wipe stalk would only operate the wipers and not the washer, so some moron had put in a separate switch for the water. Bloomin great that is...........not! It means you nearly have to take both hands off the steering wheel to clean the windows - not safe!
So I changed the switch but it still doesn't work, pretty frustrating really and i'm not sure now where the fault lies.