306 Immobiliser intermittent

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306 Immobiliser intermittent

Post by E.Everson » 27 Nov 2003, 20:15

I have an intermittent immobiliser problem on my 306. About once a week when i put the key in the ignition and turn, the immobiliser seems to just cut all the power to the car.
The only way i have found of getting the car started is to disconnect the battery for 30secs and try again, normally after 4/5 attempts it starts.
I have had the ECU tested by pug and its fine...(the problem did not happen for the whole week it was in the garage!)
Has anyone had this before?
Is it possible to disable the immobiliser?
The car: 306 Xsi 2.0 W-reg
Cheers in advance

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Post by JR » 30 Nov 2003, 01:11

It is possible to disarm the immobiliser by entering the correct code, waiting for the three bleeps and green light. Afer this you can simply disconnect the immobiliser and it will never bother you again. It is important not to disconnect it before you have entered the correct code as this can mess up the ECU.
I recently had a similar problem to yourself, where the car would cut out and not accept the immobiliser code. After a few days of hunting around, I noticed a lose cable right at the base of the ECU, which solved the problem.

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Post by wheeler » 30 Nov 2003, 02:09

this will work if it is a problem with the keypad or its wiring but not if it is an ECU supply or earth problem.

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Post by Paulmi16 » 30 Nov 2003, 17:55

Our '98 306 Xsi has a transponder immoboliser not a keypad. Try locking and unlocking the car with the key instead of using the remote and see if the makes any differance. Most of our alarm problems are solved bu using the key.

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Post by E.Everson » 30 Nov 2003, 21:08

Thanks for the updates :-)
I will try using the key and not the remote locking and see if that stops this happening..
Many Thanks