Heater not working , need help [:(]

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Heater not working , need help [:(]

Post by franco_cov » 27 Nov 2003, 20:14

Please can someone help me, I have a 405 1.9 TD with the following problem :-
Over the past few months sometime the heater would blow only hot and not cold and then sometimes it would blow cold and not hot ??? but now over the past few weeks it only blows cold I was not too fussed before but now the cold weather is here need to sort it quickly. Is it a case of bleeding the system ? as I understand if it is a matrix problem talking loads of money, please can someone explain what i can do to eliminate the matrix and hopefully sort it.
I am not too clever but willing to follow steps if they are clear, dont know where the hoses to and from the matrix are or any hidden fuses to check, I think it may be something that controls the air rather than the matrix ???
PS> dont know how to bleed system ?? help appreciated [:D]
I urgently await your help [:D]

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Heater not working , need help [:(]

Post by CANDO » 30 Nov 2003, 19:15

It may be worth you reading my reply to the 'Strange heater problem after radiator change' that I Posted today.
Also you you may find it helpful to get a Haynes workshop mannual if you don't already have one.