pug 406 1.9dt tuning

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pug 406 1.9dt tuning

Post by leerichmond2000 » 25 Nov 2003, 20:43

ive got a pug 406 dt 1.9 and i was wondering about getting a bit more performance out of it,
could i fit an intercooler from a zx or 306 on my engine so i will have 2 intercoolers and will it give much performance gain?
im going to turn up the turbo and optimise the fuel aswell,
what figures will the car produce

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Post by mbunting » 25 Nov 2003, 23:03

By adding an extra intercooler, you may be giving more power, but is it worth it ?
You will need piping, you'll need to find a space, and get an intercooler. More weight, more money.....