306 xsi 16v air filter

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steve humphreys
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306 xsi 16v air filter

Post by steve humphreys » 13 Feb 2001, 06:17

I have a 1997 R reg 306 xsi 16v model, the air filter in this model is a flat panel filter type but it is kind of wedge shaped as oposed to rectangular. I can't seem to find a repalacement for this apart from buying from a peugeot dealer. can anyone offer any help in finding a replacement?
Thanks in advance

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306 xsi 16v air filter

Post by jonkw » 13 Feb 2001, 15:30

You will find them at Andyspares!
Our part number N12275, its a kind of rectangular shape, with one side chopped off..
The price is £5.50 plus VAT.
Andyspares Ltd