205 "Shimmy"

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205 "Shimmy"

Post by sponix » 13 Nov 2003, 19:42

Peugeot 205 with a rather strange handling problem..
When driving real slow (Less than 20 mph) it feels like perhaps one of the wheels is not round! The car "shimmies" slightly from side to side.
At higher speeds the car feels a bit vague and tends to wander.
Tyre pressures are fine and I have jacked the car up and spun the wheels and they are indeed circular! I can find no suspension play whatsover either front or rear.
Anyone any ideas? What's common on a 205 of this mileage (130k)

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Post by rossd » 13 Nov 2003, 22:51

Check the inner and outer track rod joints for wear. Also check for wear in the rack by leaning into the bonnet and pulling up and down on the trackrods almost where they enter the rack and check for play.
It could also be the rubber mounts for the track control arms (the arm which connects the bottom of the strut to the engine subframe) which have perished and allowing play to develop.

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Post by ralph » 14 Nov 2003, 14:50

Could simply be a tyre that's gone out of shape. I had it happen to a Dunlop tyre, though there was no way of knowing by looking at the tyre.

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Post by sponix » 14 Nov 2003, 15:48

I have tried spinning the wheels and can't notice anything amiss. I'll try swapping all the tyres andsee if it makes a difference.
Hev't been able to find any play in the steering but will check again.

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Post by AndyGimpy » 14 Nov 2003, 19:10

Just a thought. Check the rear subframe mounts for signs of play it can give a wobble feel through the car as the mounts move