306d. egr valve

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306d. egr valve

Post by tc » 02 Nov 2003, 22:34

i'm having trouble with the egr valve sticking and it has been suggested that i blank it off.does anyone know if it would cause any problems if i did so.i was thinking of blanking it temporarily to make sure that the valve is actually the problem.90,000 on the clock

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 03 Nov 2003, 00:09

How do you know its sticking, what are the symptoms and how are you going to blank it off.

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Post by tc » 04 Nov 2003, 03:20

actually blanked it off today and the car is running better than it has for months.i unbolted it and made a gasket from sheet metal,but idon't know whether to leave it blanked or renew the valve.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 04 Nov 2003, 06:52

I had one blanked off on a BX and the result was that it used to burble/small backfire when decellerating.
I developed a leak in the muffler and as a result I blew the middle box to kingdom come one morning as I decellerated.
According to the guy who replaced the muffler, the blanking off caused a change in the amount of oxygen and unburnt fuel in the exhaust system which eventually led to the demise of the muffler.
I don't know if he was right or wrong as I didn't get the egr replaced & sold the car shortly after so I never heard whether it repeated the dose. If the muffler goes off like a nucleur explosion, you'll know this guys theory was possibly correct.[:D][}:)]
Alan S [:o)]

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Post by tc » 04 Nov 2003, 15:56

it would appear that the best option would be to replace the valve.thanks for the input

donor 2019
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Post by JohnD » 05 Nov 2003, 01:07

Interesting to see that on the 1996 306TD the gov't fuel consumption figure was 45.8mpg. After fitting EGR it went down to 42.8mpg.

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Post by tc » 07 Nov 2003, 01:39

still have the egr valve blanked off and have travelled a good few miles so far this week with absolutely no ill effects,fuel consumption has dropped considerably and the car has more"guts" than it has had for a long time.it was getting that bad you had to drop it into 1st gear if you were only moving slowly otherwise it would stall.now it will shoot away in 2nd if stationary.