406 Headlights

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406 Headlights

Post by Chuck16 » 30 Oct 2003, 04:53

I have a 96, 406 sri Turbo, and yesterday when I attempted to start the car I found the battery was flat. A couple of mates gave me a push where I had no problem starting but did notice the headlights were on, although, they weren't actually switched on. Presumably this was the cause of the flat battery as they remained on even when the ignition was switched off. Thinking maybe the contacts of the lamp relay could be welded I went to the local dealer to buy a new one only to be told there actually isn't one[?]
I was told the problem could be the column switch and would cost £60 to buy a new one[:(!].
Could someone please tell me if I have been informed correctly because I believe the load to be too great to be switched directly from the column switch and suspect a relay would be involved.
I would appreciate any information that helps me to sort this very annoying problem as at present Iam having to pull the fuses to kill the headlights.