306 TD gearbox oil

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306 TD gearbox oil

Post by batwad » 19 Oct 2003, 20:55

I'm currently in the process of finding the source of a slight oil leak on my beloved Barry, a 94 306 XTdt. When I had the driveshaft changed when I bought, the car the guy who did it advised me I was low on gearbox oil so he topped it up. I'm now wondering if my gearbox could be the source of the few spots now appearing on the driveway, much to my dad's displeasure.
So, anyone know how to check the gearbox oil level and top it up? The Haynes manual is wonderfully vague on this. Hell, I didn't even realise the transmission and engine oil were seperate!

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306 TD gearbox oil

Post by JohnD » 19 Oct 2003, 21:40

If you've had a driveshaft changed and a new oil seal wasn't put in the housing, that might be the cause of your oil loss. Give the transmission a spray with gunk and when it's all clean, any leak will show up. To check the oil level, put the car on level ground, remove the n/s wheel and any wheel arch liner covering the end of the engine bay. Looking at the end of the gearbox, the level plug is at about four o'clock on the end plate. Remove the plug and add transmission oil slowly until it just trickles out.