406 Front pads

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406 Front pads

Post by CANDO » 18 Oct 2003, 01:19

I am going to fit new front brake pads to my 406. I want to get everything ready before I jack it up.
The haynes manual says to hold the lower guide pin bolt with a slim open ended spanner.
Can anyone please tell me the size of spanner required? and how slim is slim?
Also how important is the thread -locking compound?

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Post by macaroni » 20 Oct 2003, 21:19

I have recently done this and can't for the life of me remember the size, something like a 15mm. You should get a full range of combination spanners (8mm - 19mm)before attempting any job on a french car as they use all sorts of different sizes.
My spanners were slightly too fat, but a bit of forcing solved the problem. You could always buy a sacrificial spanner and file the jaws to make it slimmer, once you know the size.
I never use thread locking compound if I intend to keep the car for long enough to be changing the pads again.
It is a pretty straightforward job as I had to do it 3 times because when I put new pads on, the calipers fouled my (non-standard) alloys, so I had to put the old pads back, sort the alloys out and replace the pads again. I can do it in my sleep now!

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Post by CANDO » 25 Oct 2003, 04:28

Thanks for your input Macaroni.
It’s just that the parking is so bad around here that I like to make sure that I have everything I need before I start so that I can hopefully complete the job without having to move the car again.
I had the same problem with another vehicle which had a similar type of calliper.

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Post by robj1969 » 26 Oct 2003, 02:31

its a 17 mm open ender.
Rob J

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Post by CANDO » 26 Oct 2003, 16:20

Thanks for that rob.
That should make the job easier.