Peugeot 206 central locking

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Peugeot 206 central locking

Post by bushkangar »

Anyone had a problem with the central locking ?
I've a 00 206 and the passenger door locking mechanism is dodgy.
I took it to an auto electrician and he said he can't get the part but the main dealers are talking €200 for the part alone without fitting.
the auto electrician said it was a common enough problem, anyone else had this experience ?

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Post by tink84 »

hi, i have a 2000 206 aswel and my central locking started playing up. i took it to peugeot and it was the central locking actuators so the whole system had to be replaced at around £200 for the part plus the time it cost them to diagnose the fault! the car is a nightmare, only had it 4 months and its been in and out of the garage constantly!
but id get the problem fixed by peugeot because then you get a years warranty on the new part with them which makes things much easier if it goes wrong again.

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Post by PowerLee »

Peugeot has modified the central locking actuators for better ones in the last couple of years.