306 Sunroof rattle

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306 Sunroof rattle

Post by reffro » 10 Sep 2003, 16:56

I've just purchased a 306 XTDT to replace my now deceased Xantia. It is lovely apart from an intensely annoying rattle coming from the sunroof. More preciesly the noise is a metallic hollow sounding rattle, and appears to eminate from the void above the roof lining of the rear seat, into which sunroof retreats when open.
Has anybody got any ideas what might be the cause before I got hunting it myself?

alan s
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Post by alan s » 10 Sep 2003, 18:45

I had a similar one on my BX and was pointed at the mounting frame by someone not from the rattling viewpoint but the leaking one; curing the rattle was a fringe benefit.
Slacken all the screws (torx head) holding the frame into position & push upwards (or get someone to push it for you) and with it in position, retighten the screws.
With the BX, it took 5 minutes & cured the problem. Finding rattles by ESP is a bit difficult at any time, but that should at least be a starting point.[:D][:D]
Alan S

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Post by batwad » 13 Sep 2003, 06:24

I don't know about the void in to which it retreats but the sunroof on my XTdt rattles occasionallly. I found that it was the wind deflector strip (which rises when the sunroof is fully opened) rattling against the sunroof frame. I've found that closing the roof panel generallly cures the rattle though if it is withdrawn, a playful twiddle with the deflector strip usuaully cures the rattle. If it persists I intend to find the point(s) of contact and subdue with a bit of Blu-Tak.

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Post by reffro » 16 Sep 2003, 13:57

Three cheers for batwad, you were spot on with your diagnosis. It did indeed turn out to be the sunroof deflector strip. And you are also right, a bit of jiggering with my fingers cures it, though I'll get some small pads to place on the strip to prevent any further bother.