Alternator problem?

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Alternator problem?

Post by ChristineC » 09 Sep 2003, 21:29

I have a Rover 218 SLD Turbo with a Peugeot engine. I have a whirring noise when I rev.[:(]
When I used to switch on (to wait for the glow plugs light to go out) prior to starting the engine, I used to have three red lights come on: oil, handbrake, and battery. Now I only have oil & handbrake ones, and the battery one does not light until I actually start the engine. It eventually goes out when the revs increase. [:0] That makes me think that it might be the alternator that is causing the problem. Also the revometer (tachometer ?) has just stopped working, it was acting up a bit, but has gone completely now. [8)] Is that connected to the alternator? Or is is just coincidence. [:I] Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help.[:X]