106 N-reg radio code

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106 N-reg radio code

Post by mgoodlad » 09 Sep 2003, 18:51

Just bought a 1996 106 1.5D on ebay - gave it a full service at the weekend including taking the battery out to do the fuel filter - I entered the 4 digit number written in the front of the service book into the radio but it doesn't work.
The radio is not quite sitting flush with the rest of the dash so I am guessing it is a replacement one - so am I right in thinking there is no point in asking a Peugeot dealer to look up the code as it wouldn't be the originally fitted one?
I will take it out and see if the number is written on it - if not can the dealer know from the radio serial number? - or can I have it reset somehow? The previous owner knows nothing about it but she only had it 9 months and I don't think it was serviced in that time.
I did find out by accident if you turn it on while the BND button is depressed it seems to bypass the code and radio works fine - for 2 minutes then goes back to 'code', which is really frustrating.
Any help appreciated.
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Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 10 Sep 2003, 03:22

You could try giving this guy a bell.

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Post by mgoodlad » 10 Sep 2003, 20:43

One of my mates at work says if you put the radio in the freezer overnight (after wrapping in a poly bag to keep the moisture out) the code will be reset to 1111 or 0000......?????
Anyone know if this is a good idea? or a very bad one???

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Post by Homer » 10 Sep 2003, 22:51

I heard that story banded around many years ago when coded radios first came out.
It may have been true to start with but if that is all you have to do to reset it then it wouldn't be much deterrent to thieves would it?
I can't see it doing much harm though.

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Post by mgoodlad » 11 Sep 2003, 14:21

SORTED! Made up those metal tools as per the Haynes manual and pulled the radio out last night - the number was written on a sticker.....it was only one digit out from the one written in the book - so either it is a replacement radio with a very close number, or a numerically challenged person wrote it in.
But again its not much of a security deterrent if you write the number on the radio....
Thanks for all the comments.