urgent derv help

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bad driver
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urgent derv help

Post by bad driver » 28 Aug 2003, 22:11

I have a 95 306 1.9d, have just been offered a 1.9td engine out of 93 bx. I understand this is the same as the 306 td engine. will it go straight into mine without loads of electrical work? I have power steering but unsure if the bx had it, will this make a difference?

alan s
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urgent derv help

Post by alan s » 29 Aug 2003, 02:25

I'll leave it to one of the Pug pwners who know the car to comment on the fit, however, I have seen a few Pugs & corresponding model BXs and without going into real close inspections, the impression I gained was that they are pretty much the same under bonnet.
The D - TD bit is possibly all that coul cause problems with the extra plumbing although again I really can't senviseage any real big problems.
Regarding power steering, in the case of the BX they don't have a power steering pump as such because they draw the hydraulics for this from the main hydraulic system via what's known as a flow diverter which is fitted on the lower part of the block behind the radiator and naturally have the main hydraulic pump mounted elsewhere off the block.
Alan S

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urgent derv help

Post by alaws » 03 Sep 2003, 00:28

Just a quick note -
I have a feeling that the bx td's were only in 1.7l, and not 1.9l. The normally aspirated diesel was a 1.9.
It might be worth putting a not on the citroen forum to check this with a BX specialist.

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urgent derv help

Post by Homer » 03 Sep 2003, 03:04

I noticed that as well but assumed it was a typo.
BXs (in the UK anyway) were 1.7 NA, 1.9 NA and 1.7 turbo.
The 1.7 engines were called 1.8 when fitted to Pugs.